LG launches the Prada II mobile phone - more details

LG has upgraded the popular Prada mobile phone and added a QWERTY keyboard for those users who enjoy frequent texting or, possibly more applicable, regular emailing and prefer to use the more natural method of utilising a standard keyboard layout than struggling with the sometimes cumbersome numeric layout that most phones provide.


According to the Mobile Whack website, the QWERTY keyboard addition is accessable via a slide out mechanism. The other features of the new phone upgrade include a touch screen phone and, speaking of moving emails an texts, a fast method of shifting data via a 3G HSDPA facility. The new release is also to include video calling and a HTML browser plus WiFi. The handset will also to include a built in camera. Apparently the specification is to be quite high at a full 5MP and will include a quality Schneider Kreuznach certified lens. The Prada II should be out sometime before Christmas.


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