LG to unveil new SU-100 touch screen mobile phone

A new mobile phone has been announced by LG, the SU-100, featuring a touch screen plus a Franklin planner [more, of which, anon]. The new handset features a high quality OLED display and reports say that it also features a built in camera. The specification is apparently a decent 3MP. Bluetooth is also to be included for short range wireless connections.


According to the AVing website, the phone also comes with a Franklin planner. This is apparently a physical item not a feature on the phone. The planner is reportedly a time management system, consisting of a ring binder which hold loose leaf pages designed for the planner range, "Divided by monthly tabs between the pages and accepting a wide variety of specialized accessories and inserts, the core idea is to consolidate tasks and appointments along with personal records in one place, methodically eliminating floating pieces of paper," say AVing. We don't know about you but that sure sounds like a variant of the Filofax. Wasn't the modern phone supposed to replace all of that? Confused? LG seems to be...


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