Sony Ericsson Rika is now W705

The Sony Ericsson Rika, a handset that has been recently discussed on the Internet, has been renamed the W705.


The new W705, is based on a slider design and will be based under the Walkman designation. In fact, the phone resembles the specifications of the G705 with a screen packing in 240 x 320 pixels and a built in camera phone rated at 3.2MP. Other features include WiFi for long distance Internet use plus aGPS for those who require location finding facilities. There's no details on price but reports say that the phone will be released in February 2009.


Whenever a new mobile phone design is developed by one of the major manufacturers, the tendency is to initially give that phone a code-name. Firstly, because the specifications may alter radically which might mean that an initial designation is no longer valid and, in addition, it also allows the company to retain a measure of secrecy.


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