Nokia goes eco and shows it's new concept phone

Nokia has revealed a new concept mobile phone that is principally made from wood produced, say observers, from sustainable timber.


According to the Cell Phone Beat website, the new handset is based on Nokia's familiar and successful S60 operating system. As with other high profile and high specification mobile phones, this new design - which doesn't appear to have a monicker of its own - also features a built in camera of 8MP.


Other reported features include Bluetooth for short range wireless connections along with a built in speaker. Apparently, the phone is fronted by glass as opposed to environmentally unfriendly plastic.


Coming as it does on the back of a range of luxury phone announcements packed with eco nasty materials and various precious stones, this Nokia announcement will attract many users who see the phone as a tool rather than a piece of jewelry.


Click to read the Cell Phone Beat story

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