Incrudo Phantom luxury phone to be released

A brand new luxury handset is due for release by Incrudo which is both durable and heavy.


Apparently the new mobile phone is incredably limited. So limited, in fact, that reports say that only 10 copies of the new phone will be produced. Observers say, however, that the handset is incredibly heavy for a modern mobile phone at a muscle stretching 230gm.


A possible reason relates to the company's assertion that the new handset is the most durable phone in the world. It might also have something to do with the fact that the mobile is constructed of metal that reaches a depth of 3mm. The sapphire crystals that protect the screen are also hefty at 4mm thick.


However, the new handset, like many luxury handsets out there, is a little bereft when new technologies are taken into consideration. For example, there's no 3G included or WiFi. However, you do receive 8Gb of internal memory and a 3.2MP camera.


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