Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in music controversy

Nokia's new Comes With Music contract, enables the company to populate its music handsets, such as the XpressMusic 5800, with free, new music. However, a number of artists are unhappy about the set up saying that they will suffer from a small degree of paid royalties.  


The Comes With Music service demands that the user pay £130 for a one-off contract that spans a 12 month period. For that fee, the user can download as many tracks as it takes to fill up the handset. According to the Guardian website, "...users will be able to keep what they've already saved to their handsets or PCs after the contract expires, whether or not they remain Nokia customers, raising the prospect of music-lovers assembling a free library of digital songs that would fill a small record shop if they were in physical form."


EMI, Sony BMG, Universal and Warner Music have all agreed to be part of the scheme. Observers say that the scheme will not make money - or very little. 'It is better for music companies to receive something for their music than nothing,' said Nokia's UK managing director Simon Ainslie. However, artists believe that their work is being used as a ‘loss leader' and they will be the ones to suffer.


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