Fujitsu and Docomo release new concept phone

A new concept mobile phone has been announced at the CEATEC 2008 show by Fujitsu and Docomo.


The two companies recently decided to work together to research a number of new mobile-based ideas. The first fruit of the partnership is this multi-configurable handset which can be split into two distinct and separate parts: one part acting as the screen whilst the other part as the keyboard. The two parts then communicate with each other via Bluetooth signals.


The screen part features the software such as video play and the keyboard portion holds the communication and radio aspects of the design such as network facilities and data transfer features such as 3G.


The keyboard portion, according to the Akihaba News website, can also be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation. As such, the keyboard will be able to be stuck, via a magnet, onto the side of the screen or on the bottom for a standard handset configuration.


Click to read the Akihaba News website story


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