Apple iPhone receives speech recognition

The Applie iPhone has received a speech recognition App call Vocalia. Using the program, you can have a voice command for a contact but you can also assign a vocal short-cut for that same command. For example Bill Smith could also be accessed via My Brother.


Using the Julius engine for multi-locutor speech recognition, the system shows up to 10 recognised names and, according to the manufacturer, supplies, "...default working phonemic transcriptions for all your contacts."


To use the App you just click the Vocalia icon which triggers the appearance of the Vocalia Eye, then speak the name (or the nickname) of your contact. Vocalia then selects that contact name or a name close to it, from your address book. You then click the contact you want to write to or call. If you wish, you can also split the first and last name. For example, say ‘Bill' and all the Bill contacts will appear.


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