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This quad band mobile phone features a 5MP camera with a touch sensitive, haptic screen and HSDPA for fast data transfer plus an accelerometer for speedy operations and a microSD slot to expand the internal memory up to 4Gb. The accompanying deal saves you £150 over the contract life meaning you only pay an average monthly line rental of just £21.67.


  • Handset name: LG KF750 Secret
  • Supplier: Dial-A-Phone
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: O2 400
  • Free call minutes: 400
  • Free Texts: 500 
  • Rental/month: £15 for 10 months then £35 for 8 months
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: 10 months half price line rental

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Look and feel

Tempered glass, toughened plastic, carbon fibre and a few flashes of chrome combine to make for a fabulous-looking phone which is as tough as a honey badger.


Ease of use

Considering there's such a wealth of functions and entertainment on offer with the LG Secret, it's a fine phone to use.



The LG Secret has grabbed headlines for being the world's slimmest mobile to carry a five-megapixel.



The touch-screen experience is enjoyable, the camera is great and the games are addictive. It's hard to find a weakness.


Battery life

Well, if there is one weakness, it's the battery life, which drained after a full day's intensive use.


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