Brando release a multi-mobile phone charger

Brando has released the Connectland charger which is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones.


Charging a mobile phone can be a problem for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can get lost. They go walk-about, are tidied up and put somewhere to make sure you can find it when you need it. Ha! Next, if your charger is particularly fragile - the charger for the Nokia 6300, for example, features a small, thin connector which is easily bent - you can lose power at the most inconvenient moments. Finally, if you happen to have more than one phone, multiple charge packs can produce a tangled, wiry mess.


Brando's solution is simple. Place eight connectors onto one module. Powered by a USB connector with a USB retractable cable the unit features the following connectors: Motorola I, Nokia I (3.5mm), Samsung, Motorola II/Mini USB (for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4) , Nokia II (2mm),  Sony Ericsson II, Siemens, Sony Ericsson I, Mini USB in. It's priced at $18.


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