Should mobiles phones carry a health warning?

Scientists are so convinced of the potential health risks posed by mobile phones that they warn manufacturers to place a health warning on them - in a similar fashion to that seen on boxes of cigarettes. However, they don't want deaths to occur before the action is taken, "Society must not repeat the situation we had with smoking and lung cancer, where we waited until every 'i' was dotted and 't' was crossed before warnings were issued,' said Professor David Carpenter, director of the institute of health and environment at the University of Albany. A level of precaution is required, he said, especially if children are involved.


Taking a similar tack, Dr Ronald Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, one of the top US cancer research centres, told The Daily Mail's website that, 'I cannot tell you cell phones are definitely dangerous. But, I certainly cannot tell you that they are safe. Like the messages that warn of health risks on cigarette packs, cell phones need a precautionary message.'


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