Will future mobile phones integrate detectors for a 'dirty bomb'?

American-based technologists at Purdue University in Indiana are designing a nuclear bobmb detection system that's so small it could fit into a mobile phone, according to the Newsweek website.


The ever present threat of a terrorist detonated ‘dirty bomb', an explosive device designed to spread nuclear radiation, has lead to intensive work on detecting such a device.


The normal government reaction to such a requirement is to investigate technology with is expensive and complicated. A number of American Universities, however, have other ideas.


The development even has a name - the Distributed Nuclear Detection by Ubiquitous Cell Phone. The simple, phone-related detector wouldn't act alone, however. It would depend on other detectors within other mobile phones to enable the authorities to triangulate the source of radiation when people carrying mobile phones pass by. In addition, phones closest to radioactive material would register stronger signals. As the strongest threat is the city, such a mobile system would be highly effective, say observers.


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