Vodafone stores provide emergency charge

We've all been there. Your mobile goes dead and your charger is back at home. Well Vodafone has come up with a novel idea that means you won't have to rush back home to retrieve it. From today, 30 Vodafone stores throughout the UK will house a number of "ChargeBoxes" that can be used to top your battery levels up. Each ChargeBox comes in the form of a secure locker, with a range of different pins to fit handsets from all the top manufacturers.


Customers can hire a locker, connect their phone, decide on how long they want to charge the phone and pay accordingly, before locking the door with the provided key. Customers can then return to the locker with their key and retrieve their newly charged phone safe in the knowledge that no one else has had access to their device. The cost of using a Vodafone ChargeBox ranges from as little as £1 for 30 minutes to £2 for 90 minutes.

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