Virus trouble hits the Apple iPhone

A new Apple iPhone virus has been discovered by the security software outfit, Panda Security. Called the Banker.LKCTrojan, the program pretends to be a video of the iPhone but, instead, it proceeds to pharm. Pharming is a sophisticated version of phishing but the bottom line is that the criminals want to get your confidential user information. The trojan will then attempt to transfer you to a false web page when you try to access your on-line bank, for example.


The company told the iPhone World website that, "Usually, DNS servers store the numeric address or IP address (e.g., associated to each domain name or URL (e.g. The result of the cyber-criminals' interference is that when a user enters the name of a Web page, the server redirects him or her to another IP address, hosting a fraudulent Web page, designed to have the appearance of the original page."


To protect yourself, always make sure that the visible URL is the same address you typed, check the site's security certificate and make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus program.


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