Parrot launches MKi range

Bluetooth specialists Parrot has launched a new range of in car kits that allow you to become your very own music DJ. Users of the Parrot MKi9000, MKi9100 and MKi9200 will be able to receive and make calls while remaining focused on their driving, as well as play music via their mobile phone through their car speakers. While they differ in terms of ability, all three devices can be placed on the dashboard or steering wheel for easy access while users can make and receive calls via the voice recognition system without needing to preset the device with any type of voice tags.


The MKi9000 is the most affordable of the three, costing around £102 (approx). The MKi9100 is slightly more expensive at £125 (approx), but comes with an additional OLED screen that displays your phonebook, artist and track names as well as a menu and setting option. Top of the range is the Parrot MKi9200, available for £157 (approx) which provides a large colour TFT screen that can display your phonebook, photo caller ID as well as your music playlist, track details and album covers.


All three products are available now from as well as other selected retailers.

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