Will WiMax compete with 3G?

WiMax is currently undergoing field trials for a release onto the market in early 2009. Positioned as an alternative method of transferring data between mobile devices and a direct competitor to the established 3G system, WiMax (Worldwide Operability of Microwave Access mobile) promises to push data around the mobile world with some gusto, according to the Phones Review website.


With a promise that it will be faster and cheaper than 3G, Brad Smith, the Wireless Week Technology Editor noted that, "Personally I find it hard to believe that this Jack is going to kill off the giant, since mobile WiMAX is just starting to climb the beanstalk. Mobile WiMAX is still a lab technology while 3G networks have been deployed for several years with millions of subscribers. Still, the cellular industry must be more than a little worried about the potential competition WiMAX will bring. "


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