Golden Shellback can protect your mobile from the elements

Golden Shellback has announced the forthcoming release of a new protective coating system that can help you to increase the shielding of you handset against moisture and the weather.


Developed by the Northeast Maritime Institute, an educational facility for mariners, the coating is non-flammable and acts as a vacuum deposit with a low toxicity and, says the company, "...contains no volatile organic combustibles (VOCs). The clear, nearly non-detectable, uniform film is insoluble in solvents. When applied to clean, moisture free surfaces, the coating is transparent with excellent weather proofing and anti-corrosion properties."


The coating repels oils, synthetic fluids, hazardous materials, dust, dirt and water based solutions. This means that, if the coating is hit by water or oil, the liquid will merely ‘bead' and fall away.


Not yet available for application, we would advise keeping in touch with the website to learn of a final release date for the process.


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