Truveo mobile video search engine in beta

Truveo has launched a beta version of its new video search engine for mobile phones and other mobile devices and sits alongside other AOL utilities such as Mobile AIM, AOL Mobile Search, AOL Mail and the mobile portal.


The beta is open for public use, says the company which added that it will, "make it easy for users to find and view videos from across the web on popular mobile phones."


According to the Intomobile website, if your phone is compatible with RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) then go to and try out the site for yourself.

You can use the site to search through millions of videos via, in excess of, 300 websites. All of the latter have been configured to be mobile friendly. You can even sort the results in a variety of ways such as by date, ranking and the like.


Click here to read the Intomobile story

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