Your iPhone spies on you - according to hacker

iPhone hacker and programmer Jonathan Zdziarski has been telling the world that the Apple iPhone spies on you - although, it's not doing it on purpose. What it's actually doing it taking a screenshot of your display on a regular basis. The reason behind the action is more to do with user-friendliness. That is, when you press the Home button an application that you have been using shrinks before your eyes. It looks nice, sure, but to achieve the action, that's when the memorising occurs.


According to the iPhone World website, the snapshots of your iPhone's display are regularly deleted. However, according to Jonathan Zdziarski, not completely - they can be dug up again by a trained analyst. Apparently, during investigations of serious crimes such as murder, rape and drugs distribution, iPhones have been analysed and such screens reconstructed using magnetic processing.


So if you plan any dodgy dealing, don't do it with an iPhone.


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