Helio Ocean 2 slated for 2009 release

The long awaited release of the Helio Ocean 2 mobile phone is coming closer but reports now say that it won't occur until 2009. Observers say that the delay has been a consequence of the company's sale to Virgin Mobile, who bought the company back in June 2008.


Speaking to the PC Magazine website, Virgin Mobile spokeswoman Jayne Wallace said that, "The Ocean 2 is not going to be 2008. It has been manufactured and there is a commitment to putting it on the market but it's going to be in early 09... just because the shell has been manufactured doesn't mean it should be released right now. We want to put it out when it's the best it can be."


In associated news, the company has declared that it is currently in negotiations with LG, Samsung and Kyocera to take on new handsets.


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