ASUS developing P552w mobile phone

ASUS is working on a new mobile phone called the P552w which is being aimed at the same sector currently being targeted by the Samsung Omnia.


The new ASUS P552w handset features a touchscreen. A large area, the screen will be either a large WVGA or WQVGA affair with a camera built in. Reports say that the specification will be a relatively high 5MP, which will attract many users looking to buy a stand-alone camera. This rating may preclude the necessity of purchasing a separate device.


According to the WMPoweruser website, Other features include a microSD slot, a USB slot, a trackball for non-touch navigation and 3G for fast data transfer. Long range data movement will also be handled by the addition of WiFi. Additional information on the features, such as the rating for the included CPU, is lacking at the moment. In addition, there have been no indications relating to a price or a release date.


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