PNY and EA?s gaming card

PNY technologies has introduced an innovative concept to the world of mobile gaming. A novel microSD card is now available to buy that enables the consumer to choose from the entire catalogue of EA mobile games. Whether it be FIFA 08 or The Sims 2: Castaway, any EA mobile game can be chosen for free, though you will have to pay for the card itself. Customers will then be asked to type in an access code found on the microSD packaging before having the game downloaded direct to their handset.


The service is compatible with all handsets that feature a WAP connection. There are currently two versions of the microSD card available, though both will only give you the option of downloading one game. The 1GB version is available from PC World and Currys at a price of £9.99, while the 2GB version costs £14.98. The EA mobile games catalogue currently stands at 28 titles, though new releases will be added accordingly.

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