Mobyko?s ?Living Address Book?

Mobyko's online backup service has introduced a new aspect to its address book feature. As well as backing up and storing all of your phones contacts securely online, the new ‘Living address book' allows you to edit your contacts online, add additional content such as mobile numbers, blogs and birthdays, as well as integrate various social networks. Once done via a PC or Mac, your Mobyko address book can be synched over the air with your mobile phone.


The ‘Living address book' will also provide the latest status updates and profile pictures from those contacts with a Facebook profile, so that when a Facebook buddy calls you, there image will appear on your handset, as long as your phone enables it. What's more, should your contact change their profile pic, Mobyko will automatically update your address book when you next sync it.


Another useful addition includes the ability to allocate your contacts into various groups. Simply drag and drop your individual contacts into a named group, such as "football team" and have easy access to all your football contacts. Once the group has been collected, single text messages can be sent from your PC to a group as a whole.

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