Samsung Highnote mobile phone to receive October release

To be initially released in the USA, in October, the Samsung Highnote mobile phone is a dual slider. The target user for the handset is the music lover as the chassis itself is noted to feature a pair of speakers - stereo, no less.


The phone, aaccording to the Softpedia webite, does include a range of software specific to the Sprint organisation who will place the phone on sale in the USA.


However, in addition, the Highnote also includes speaker independent voice recognition plus the usual email and web browser and Bluetooth for expansion purposes for associated headsets, for example. You can also increase the amount of extra memory - an essential addition considering that this phone is targeted towards music users. The maximum expansion to 16Gb should be plenty for most people. The included camera, however, is less exciting, offering just 2MP in possible resolution.


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