Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 handset panels on the move?

There have been reports that the new panel technology present on the forthcoming Xperia X1 may be used as part of other mobile phones and direct to users to allow them to modify their own phones and Windows mobile gadgets.


According to the Gearlog website, the Xperia panel is used to fit over the top of Windows Mobile - as a sort of skin. It provides 9 panels that combine both XML Internet-based information with Windows Mobile code that lets users to customise their desktops. HTC has done a similar thing with TouchFlo 3D. Although there are no signs of that company opening up its technology.


Sony Ericsson senior manager for application and product planning Ramanath Bhat said that, "The first baby step we're taking is we're going to make this available for all Xperia phones. As other opportunities come, we will be sure to look into that," he said.


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