Two new carry cases for the iPhone mobile phone

Apple and Dior have announced the release of two varying types of mobile carry storage for the iPhone mobile phone. The Apple option, available from the Apple Store, has been constructed from Nappa leather. Called the C.E.O. Premiere, the case, which looks like a purse, can itself be placed in a bag or worn on the hip. Whilst the case features a secure flap to keep the handset in place it does also includes an opening at the botton to allow you to push out the phone when you need it. There are also side openings to allow easy access to the headphone socket and so on. It's priced at $34.95 or around £17.50. Click the following link to buy.


Ranging up the scale, price-wise, and the fashion ladder is Dior's variation on the carry-case. Called Dior Homme - which makes it sound like a bottle of after shave - the case is part of the company's Black Tie Collection and is priced at $450 or around £225, according to the Sybarites website. Remember, though, practice your walk before you buy it. Click the link to learn more.


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