Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia smartphone nears October, UK release

Sony Ericsson's X1 Xperia smartphone has received a UK release date of October. In addition, its software development kit (SDK) has now been issued for third-party developers. The SDK can be downloaded from Sony Ericsson's own website. It comes with an emaulator so you can test applications whilst remaining within the software package. The SDK, says the company, can be used to increase the usage of the included Windows Mobile operating system to operate with the phone's nine touch surfaces that can trigger a number of the phone's applications.


As the IT Portal website says, however, it is odd why the handset restricts you to just 9 ‘buttons' when the likes of the iPhone appears to be only limited to the developer's imagination. Observers say that the handset, with its large, 3in screen, has the potential to be an excellent gaming platform to rival the already popular PSP.


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