Sony Ericsson release details of new concept video phone

Sony Ericsson has released details of the new video phone concept that merges a mobile phone, a video camera, PDA, music player, still camera and more into one chassis along with an innovative design.


According to the Design Launches website, part of the new design philosophy is that to lock it or use it, you twist the moveable base. The new mobile phone concept is reported to feature a built-in camera of a decent specification - in this case, 5MP. The new handset also includes a dual use input. That is, you can utilise the keypad or an included stylus.


Other included features, say observers, include WiFi for data transmission plus music and video broadcasting abilities plus handwriting recognition capabilities. Thus far, there have been no indications from Sony Ericsson if and when the new concept will turn into a commercial release or what it's possible price might be.


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