Samsung release the U310 mobile phone for the elderly

Samsung has released the U310, specifically in mind for the more elderly user or for those people who tend to struggle with the complexity of a more modern phone or even for those who may be visually impaired. Also known as the Knack, the new handset is based on a clamshell chassis with a large 2.2in screen and large friendly buttons on which are printed easily distinguishable numerals, as the Mobile Whack website has it.


In addition, the U310 offers an interface that dumps much of the usual complexity found on standard High St. models such as the forced navigation of multiple menus and sub-menus.


Initially available in the USA, the phone also has a dedicated 911 emergency button that sits next to an ICE (In Case of Emergency) button that can access one of three contacts. In case of difficulty, you are also able to initiate voice dialling - ideal if the user suffers from arthritis.


No UK distribution or price has been mooted as yet.


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