MOTOjewel mobile phone announced by Motorola

Motorola has announced the launch of its new mobile phone, the MOTOjewel. However, exactly why that moniker has been stuck onto this particular handset is not exactly apparent. If you squint a bit, possibly...?


According to the Mobile Whack website, the handset features mobile music capabilities with easy transition from phone to music and back. That design addition is enhanced by the use of Microsoft's popular Windows utility, Media Player 11 which is capable of playing a wide variety of both music and video formats.


A camera is reported to be included. However, the specification is apparently not too high with just 2MP mooted, it does come with a 8x zoom, though. Also, the phone does include Motorola's own innovative CrystalTalk technology for better call clarity. To assist in improving call quality, the phone also supports stereo Bluetooth. Pricing is still to be decided but it should be available in the UK by November.


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