Terminal 5 becomes T-Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

T-Mobile's Wi-Fi service is now available across the whole of Heathrow Airport. Terminal 5 is the last of the terminals to provide the service, spanning an area of around 50 football pitches, making it T-Mobile's largest UK indoor Wi-Fi Hotspot. Terminal 5 is expected to see 27 million passengers pass through its terminal each year, with those on T-Mobile contracts able to enjoy fast and reliable internet connections, up to 8Mbps, via their laptops or smartphones.


Non-T-Mobile customers will be able to access the Terminal 5 Hotspot service for £5 per hour or £10 for 24 hours. Although Wi-Fi is now included in all T-Mobile pay-monthly price plans, customers who are currently on voice plans can add a Hotspot account at a cost of 75p for 10 minutes access, which will be added to their monthly bill.

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