New mobile handset resembles an iPhone, a Nokia phone, a...

A new mobile phone, just released via Chinavision, strongly resembles a wide variety of currently popular handsets. Part of the chassis has a distinct Nokia familiarity whilst the interface does trigger thoughts of the iPhone. Despite all of the recognisable assets, the new smartphone does add a unique feature - a projector, which sits at the top of the phone's chassis, according to the Pocket-lint website. The projector can be used 5 feet away from a screen.


Other features reportedly include a 2.4in touchscreen plus a low specification camera of just 1.3MP and a microSD card slot increasing memory by a further 1Gb. Despite resembling the results of some horrific technological Frankenstein-like experiment -  the new smartphone takes a bit of iPhone here, a Nokia there and so on - there have been no reports of seedy looking lab technicians hanging around recycling centres with large shovels.


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