M2E Power soon to power iPhone on the move

M2E Power has developed a new technology that allows motion to generate power - and it will be compatible with Apple's iPhone. As such, the company believes that a forthcoming charger will allow iPhone users, over a six-hour period, to add between 30 and 60 minutes of talktime to their handset.


Regan Rowe from M2E Power said: 'Handset manufacturers are under pressure to deal with electronic waste issues and show they are looking for more sustainable practices.

'We've seen a lot of interest in this as the wave of the future.'


The company is also looking at how much power can be created while driving in a vehicle.

Rowe said: 'Someone with an old pick-up truck with no shocks will have a glorious time with M2E technology, but someone with a Mercedes will have to spend more time charging.'


According to the Smart Planet website, the long-term company aim is to develop a self-powered mobile phone.


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