Samsung announce the release of the F639 TVC mobile phone

Samsung has announced the release of the F639 TVC mobile phone, according to the Mobile Whack website - ideal for use as a mobile phone, as the name suggests.


Not a great deal is known about the new mobile phone at this time apart from some rather obscure details on Samsung's Korean website. What is known, however, is that the handset looks remarkably like a U600. In fact, apart from some very minor etching differences on the navigation key, it basically is a U600.


The chassis has probably been chosen because, firstly, it's a proven design that works and is popular. Also, the company can save costs while filling the chassis with specific technology. In this case support for DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) via CDMA 2000 1X 800 MHz. This allows the new Samsung handset to handle a variety of multimedia such as TV and radio.


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