Ply mobile phone - wood you credit it?

A new concept mobile phone has been released made out of plywood. Designed by the Japanese outfit KDDI, more specifically via its technician, Hideo Kanbara, the project has become known as the ‘Ply' concept phone.


According to the Pocket-lint website, the new design is based on wood. In fact, the chassis is constructed from six layers of technology, says the company. Each giving access to a specific phone function. Each layer would be able to move in its own particular way to initiate that technology. The upper most layer is noted as a mobile display, the next as a touch screen or keyboard, the next is a printer, the next as a miniature projector, etc.


Currently, there is no news if the concept will make it to the market for sale and, similarly, there is no proposed price for the concept design.


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