iPhone Home landline phone on the way?

Rumours abound of a new iPhone designed for the home and to be used on a landline. Observers say that such a design is likely to be released next year. Apple is apparently outsourcing the construction of the iPhone Home design to an outfit called OpenPeak. Reports say that the new iPhone Home has already been under development for over a year and a half.


Not just a basic phone, the new design, according to the Mobile Whack website, stands as a communications centre with access to third party utilities via plug in capabilities. Apparently tagged within the £100 to £150 area, the system does appear to be aimed more towards those who are looking to integrate a smart home or elements of home technology. A probable convergence centre, the hypothetical uses are numerous for such a system including combining telephony with TV, security, music, video on demand, wireless transfer of information from a PC and MAC to a TV and more.


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