Nokia N85 mobile phone officially announced

Nokia has officially announced the forthcoming release of the N85 mobile phone. Expected to appear on the High St. during September, the new handset is fully featured, including GPS with Nokia Maps 2.0 and direct access to Nokia's Music Store along dedicated music keys with a 3.5in headphone socket.


The N85 features a high quality OLED screen spanning 2.6in and offering 240 x 320 pixels of QVGA in quality and packing in 16 million colours. A built-in camera is also included. A high specification model, it offers 5MP resolution. The phone also provides geotagging capabilities.


Running on the third edition of S60, according to the Pocket-lint website, the chassis will also act as a NGage gaming platform and will includes 10 pre-loaded game titles in demo form plus one licensed game of the user's choice.


Fast data transfer will be achieved via HSDPA along with WiFi. Expansion is available via Bluetooth along with a microSD card slot, although 8Gb will already be available as standard.


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