Brando's telescope zoom improves iPhone mobile phone camera

Brando has released a camera zoom add-on for the Apple iPhone mobile phone that improves the built-in camera performance of the handset.


One of the big problems with the iPhone's camera is its inherent performance. In particular, it lacks any sort of zoom facility. Brando hopes to rectify that with the introduction of the Mobile Phone Zoom that includes a 6x zoom option. It might not be the neatest looking add-on so far created for the iPhone. In fact, it looks rather unwieldy. However, the end product is that the iPhone, with the Brando bolted on, produces improved images without image contortion. The package includes a neckstrap plus a crystal case with an adaptor.


The Mobile Phone Telescope costs $19 and is available to buy direct from the Brando website for UK readers. Don't try to read the product description, however, it looks like a badly translated stream of conciousness.


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