FuChat concept mobile phone can transmit emotion

The uniquely design D-Link FuChat concept phone has beaten off hundreds of other projects to win a bronze at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2008. The principle innovation that stands out from a range of interesting features is the interactive, emotive response between you and the mobile phone.


D-Link itself explained that, ""It features built-in sensors that can gauge the changes in a user's voice and body temperature. Once the phone determines the user's emotional state, it then responds to inform the user of their current status through sound, lights and colour on the phone."

Hence, if you used one at work and you were getting angry whilst making a call, at least your colleagues would know that it's not the best time to ask to borrow the sellotape.


The phone can also hang off a door handle. Why? We're not too sure. However, apart from acting as a standard mobile phone, the FuChat also connects to the internet and landline. There's no indication if and when the phone will enter commercial sale.

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