Palm Treo Pro mobile phone - more details revealed

More details and images have been released on Palm's new Treo Pro mobile phone. The new, trim, tri-band 3G, quad-band GSM handset will run on Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, and will be powered by a 400 Mhz processor that will run with 256Mb of ROM and 128MB of RAM. The large screen will pack in 320x320 pixels. You will have no excuse for getting home late either because the design features built in GPS.


A built-in camera is reported to be included. However, it is not highly rated and comes in at just two megapixels. Expansion is taken care of via a mini USB port and entertainment is helped by the inclusion of a 3.5-inch port for a pair of headphones.


While the overall specifications of the new Palm mobile phone will not break any technological boundaries, the Mobile Whack website points towards the handset's usability which, they say, should result in popular design.


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