Apple iPhone mobile phone firmware update receives another Beta development

Apple has released a further ‘upgrade' to its proposed Firmware v2.1 upgrade to the iPhone resulting in a Beta 4 designation for the proposed new code.

However, reports say that the change is a retrograde step that actually removes one of the new features from the Firmware upgrade. The push notification has now been disabled.


This is the feature that allows software to receive data when you are not aware - even when the iPhone is switched off. This sort of option is useful for news-related software programs, for example, to receive headlines which will be viewable when you access the software or for a particular program to be upgraded. Apple gave no indiciation why this option has been turned off but indications suggest that the move is temporary and will be initiated again at a later date.


According to the Mobile Whack website, the iPhone firmware 2.1 is due to arrive sometime during September.


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