Jabra BT530 Bluetooth headset cancels noise

The new Jabra BT530 Bluetooth headset has been announced which, says the company, will result in clearer, noise-less, phone calls. Yes, there are plenty of other Bluetooth headsets currently on the market which offer a form of noise-cancelling but the difference with this new Jabra design is that, instead of reducing the audio frequency to try to improve the quality of the incoming call, the BT530s adopt a similar technology to that used by noise cancelling headphones.


The Jabra uses a noise cancelling technology that includes two microphones. One actually ‘hears' ambient noises that need to be cancelled whilst the other ‘hears' the user's voice. In addition, says the Mobile Whack website, Audio Shock Protection and advanced DSP technology monitor the incoming audio volume and balances sound to give a clearer incoming call.


The headset can be connected to a PC and any Bluetooth capable deskphones or softphones and comes with 5.5 hours of talktime plus 250 hours on standby. Out in September, it will retail for a UK equivalent price of £50.


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