Luxury iPhone case is diamond studded

A new leather case, made for the Apple iPhone from Noreve, has been released. However, this example is studded with diamonds. In this instance, there is a grand total of 272 of the little sparklers swirling around the outer face of the cover. The diamonds total 6.8 karats and the price for the package is reported to be $14,990.


According to the Luxist website, the company's VP of sales, Sam Brust, said that the case is, "...yet another step we are taking to help the Noreve brand become one of the most unique and recognized case manufacturers in the world."


However, now you've found a case to protect your iPhone [worth around £100 for an 8Gb version on a £35 per month contract], you might want to employ a couple of bodyguards and ask a Securicor van to trundle after you, 10 paces behind, to protect the case, which is valued at around 150 times more than the mobile phone itself. Barmey? You decide.


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