HTC Touch Pro - to be launched via Vodafone?

According to its online store, Vodafone is expected to launch the HTC Touch Pro sometimes during August into the UK. Some observers believe that this may be wishful thinking on Vodafone's part, however.


According to Phones Review, the HTC Touch Pro is a new iteration of the the well received HTC Touch Diamond. However, the Touch Pro includes an additional, 5-row, full QWERTY keyboard that slides out. Great for those users who find text input their most important task during a typical day.


Other features include WiFi for data shifting at a distance, HSPA with a 7.2Mbps maximum speed for swift data transfer of music and images including video, Bluetooth for external connections such as a headset, a 2.8-inch VGA display, Windows Mobile 6.1 featuring HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface and a built-in 3.2MP camera. The handset also arrives with 512Mb of ROM with 288MB of RAM.


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