Novelty hairdryer headset available for sale

Deal Extreme has announced the release of a new mobile phone headset. Not aimed at the technophobes, this particular design is targeted more at those users who like novelty items as it resembles a hair dryer.


According to the Deal Extreme website, the mobile phone hair dryer headset is 6.22 x 3.94 x 2.76in and is compatible with Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.


The unit is a budget item - for a UK equivalent price of £4. This means that you can really buy this, hair raising, design and, when you've finally become bored of the thing, chuck it in a drawer without feeling too guilty on cost grounds - if not ecological reasons. Of course, it will provide a talking point. Well, imagine it - walking down the High St., holding a conversation with a hair dryer. Would Vidal have bought one?

It is available now, direct online.


Click here to buy


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