iPhone 3G to have infinite storage?

Reports say that Apple is working on new forms of storage options for their iPhone mobile phone that may result in an infinite storage option for the handset. Currently, the phone can be purchased in two memory configurations: 8Gb and 16Gb. However, as the phone is increasingly becoming the centre of a whole host of media downloads, especially now that it has a 3G data transfer facility, the requirement for greater storage options will become more important.


According the the Apple Insider website, Apple is looking to feature an infinite storage option for the handset. This would allow users to transfer all their media to the one storage point which could then be accessed via the iPhone at any time. That will not mean built in hard or flash drives but a whole new approach that would download only the metadata, those bare files that contain only the recipe but not the content. The actual files would reside on a PC or Mac.


"For instance, a personal computer can be turned on and connected to the Internet to enable a portable device to access the media items stored on the personal computer," Apple said, adding that the files could then delete themselves from the portable device once the user is done listening to or viewing them.


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