Apple to issue iPhone 3G mobile phone 2.1 firmware...eventually

Reports say that Apple has a new version of its iPhone firmware available - but it appears that the company is reluctant to issue it at this time. The new update, v.2.1 of the firmware that directly affects the phone's overall performance, has reportedly emerged in its third beta version.


According to the Mobile Whack website, Apple is keeping the full list of improvements close to its chest. Hence, any information regarding the improvements are a mixture of educated guesses and informed rumours. However, observers say that this latest version of the Beta firmware has not featured any particular new additions. What it does do, however, is remove a number of bugs from the iPhone.


One of those bug squashers reportedly solves the background push notification issues the iPhone has been experiencing. What this means is that live applications will be able to receive data even when the phone is switched off. In addition, more complex navigation should be included within the new firmware.


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