Etymotic launches iPhone headphones

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 3G, users can now add to the experience by purchasing Etymotic's new handsfree headset. Etymotic has made a concerted effort to reduce the length of the hf2's cables to help avoid them becoming tangled up and for the microphone to be better placed for a more clear conversation. The headset also features an end/send switch that can be used to not only answer and end calls, but also to skip tracks.


When receiving a call, the hf2 headset automatically pauses your music to allow you to take the incoming call. Once the call has concluded the music will automatically pick up again. Although the hf2 is built with the iPhone in mind, they will actually work on all iPod models as well as any other mobile phones that accept a 3.5mm stereo plug.


The Etymotic hf2's are available now online at and will soon be available at Apple Europe Stores and the Apple Europe Online store. The recommended retail price is £99.95 (inc VAT).

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