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With thousands of people set to besiege Beijing this month for the Olympics, JAJAH is introducing a free translation service. JAJAH.BABEL launches today (7 August) and allows people to call a local number and leave a message in English. The service will then instantly translate the message into Chinese Mandarin before playing it back to you. The idea is that it is the ideal accessory when catching a taxi or asking someone the time, helping avoid any embarrassment as well as getting from A to B. A Chinese Mandarin speaker can in turn say a message back, which will be translated into English.


Messages can be up to 59 minutes long, but for the best results they should be kept relatively brief. JAJAH.BABEL is the first joint venture between JAJAH and IBM, with the service set to expand to other languages during the year.



  • Dial 0203 355 7628
  • Say your message
  • Press #
  • Listen to your translated message through the phones loudspeaker

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