Sakku introduces a mobile phone recharge bag with a built-in solar panel

Sakku has introduced its new Solar bag onto the market, which allows you to charge your phone or gadget for free. There are two models currently available: the sakku.worker (145 Euros) and the larger sakku.traveller (230 Euros).


Both the Traveller and the Worker arrive in two distinct variations: the Direct and Akku versions. The Direct version can charge your phone or iPod, etc, when you are in direct sunlight. The energy from the sun is transferred directly into your connected item. This particular model is ideal for beach use or while walking.


The other variant, the Akku, does the same thing but also comes with a rechargeable battery which stores any energy it receives from the solar panel. This means that you can then recharge your phone or gadget anywhere and at any time.


According to the Talk2MyShirt website, the bags are eco-friendly. They're made from old sails from sailing boats, and the solar panels are pliable and waterproof.


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